If you suffer from flat feet, you'll want to try to incorporate flat feet exercises into your routine. Adding flat feet exercises to the mix can help you boost the strength of your arches which can help improve the long-term health of your feet. It can be a slow and gradual process that you want to incorporate into your daily life to ensure you maintain the strength of your arches.

Even if you do these exercises, you still want to ensure that you are adequately supporting your flat feet. This is especially true if you are experiencing discomfort or pain.

There's a variety of different kinds of arch supports that you can go for when you have flat feet.

1. Insoles

You can get specially designed insoles that are made for flat feet. These are insoles that are designed and constructed in a way that offers more support to the non-existent arches of your feet. It's always a good idea to opt for one that has a firmer base versus a softer one. That way, you can get better overall support. Revitalign is a good one too. There's also the possibility that you get them custom-made for your feet. Getting your insoles custom-made for your feet ensures that the design is tailored to enhance your foot health. They will be a lot more costly. However, they could offer better support in some cases. In other cases, they might not offer much more.

2. Arch Support Sleeves

You can also consider getting arch support sleeves. These are rather inexpensive and they will deliver you better arch support in total. They are usually made out of gel-like material as the material is meant to contour your foot shape. These sleeves can either be worn with socks or without them. The premise of these sleeves is similar to insoles. They are fully designed to help to alleviate some of the pressure on your foot and to enhance your foot support. Your feet will likely feel different while wearing them because they will wrap somewhat tightly around your entire foot. 

3. Better Fitting Shoes

You also can opt for better-fitting shoes. Go for shoes that have better built-in support. You can find good quality shoes that have solid arch support. That way you can eliminate needing to wear insoles. It's never an easy task when you are looking to find the best shoes for your flat feet. After all, everyone's feet are different. However, there are some rules to stick to. Try to avoid any footwear that is too tight. Likewise, you want to avoid footwear that's too loose. You also want to avoid any footwear that gives you too little support. 

Which Option For Flat Feet?

The majority of people that have flat feet would likely benefit from using insoles that are designed for flat feet. You can find these available at a low cost and you can place them in all kinds of shoes and footwear.